$875 per aid

Widex Evoke 110 wireless connectivity App for full control Bluetooth compatibility:

MSRP $1950 per hearing aid 50%OFF for limited time only $875 per Hearing aid any style any color. Price is include Total Hearing center life of the aid service.

Your hearing matters.

If you can’t hear properly, you are unable to communicate effectively. Poor hearing is a constant challenge – you have to keep asking people to repeat what they have said, you need to have your television and radio turned up to levels that are uncomfortable for others, and your safety can even be compromised. Imagine, for instance, trying to cross the street and being unable to hear someone who is trying to alert you to dangerous oncoming traffic.

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Jamal Dashti

Hearing Care Practitioner

Our Specialists

Jamal Dashti, a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) and International Hearing Science (IHS) certified,  working at Total Hearing Center since 2003 testing, programming, consulting and troubleshooting hearing aids. During his many years of practice, Jamal has helped thousands of Total Hearing patients

Mike Alf, Total Hearing Center’s first technician, built hearing aids, programmed, repaired and troubleshot all brands of hearing aids for over 40 years.

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