BiCros Hearing Aid

BiCROS hearing aid in Edmonds, WA

At the Total Hearing Center, there is appreciation of how it feels to lose the ability to hear clearly and the subsequent changes it brings. Founded in Edmonds, WA, our company’s goal is to offer the most suitable services and products for hearing care with respect to your peculiarities. We offer hearing aids mainly for a specific hearing impaired device, called BiCROS system intended for those who have either SSD or severe hearing impaired of one ear only.

What do BiCROS Hearing Aids mean?

Another type is the BiCROS (Bilateral Contralateral Routing of Signals) hearing aid system is meant for use by people with unilateral profound hearing loss and normal or mild to moderate hearing loss in the other ear. The system consists of two parts:

  • Transmitter Microphone: It is like a hearing aid that is placed to the ear with excellent or no hearing capacity and records noise on that side.
  • Receiver Hearing Aid: This is done on whichever ear is preferred for or seems to have better hearing. It is an intermediate between the transmitter microphone and the environment by receiving and then amplifying the sounds from the transmitter microphone as well as the surrounding sounds.

It guarantees forward, backward as well as sideways and all round hearing that can define your spatial position and the real hearing experience.

Our Services

At Total Hearing Center, we offer a range of services to ensure that your hearing needs are fully met:

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluations

These professionals offer audiometric tests that help in identifying the level of your hearing loss and its nature.


Personalized Hearing Aid Fittings:

They make arrangements with the specific BiCROS hearing aids to create the best match depending on your hearing characteristics and tendencies.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Recently we developed a routine of check-ups, cleaning and readjustment as part of our strategy towards the care of your hearing health in the long run.

Counseling and Rehabilitation

Our hearing therapy empowers you to optimize your hearing with your new hearing aids and to learn coping techniques again in life.

Advantages as to BiCROS hearing Aids

  • Enhanced Sound Localization: The BiCROS system assists you in locating sounds, and hence makes you have confidence in your environment by not being a danger to yourself or to others.
  • Improved Speech Understanding: BiCROS aids work by transmitting sounds from the non-hearing side to the hearing ear which in turn helps in clarification of speech especially in noisy water.
  • Better Quality of Life: Improved, or the ability to catch sounds more clearly, are better socialization, safety factors, and generally, the quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How does a BiCROS hearing aid work different from a standard hearing aid?

Standard hearing aids-work in one or both ears while a BiCROS system is specially developed for individuals with profound hearing loss in one ear. It conveys or relays the sounds from the non-auditory side of the head to the better auditory part to help in a more enhanced hearing experience.

2.Will getting a BiCROS hearing aid benefit me for my tinnitus?

The first two objectives of the BiCROS hearing aids are to facilitate sound localization and speech understanding while many of them have claimed that their tinnitus is reduced with the advancement of their hearing capabilities.


3. How long does it take to get used to BiCROS hearing aids?

This implies that the duration it takes one to gain health depends on various factors. The BiCROS hearing aids ought to be adjusted for a few weeks to several months depending on the kind of hearing aid the user has. Our team will be by your side during this period to make sure that any transition that will be required will run smoothly.

4. Are BiCROS hearing aids visible?

The new hearing aids from the class of stereophonic hearing aids are Modern BiCROS hearing aids which are fashionable. Some of the models are discreet in the sense that one cannot even notice they are wearing hearing aids once they place them on and get to benefit from the improved hearing.

5. How frequently do BiCROS’ hearing aids require tuning?

It is crucial to ensure the hearing aids are provided with the proper care to avoid any hitches and obstacles towards their functionality. To maintain good oral hygiene we advise our Pts to come in for a check-up after every six months besides which they should clean their teeth daily as advised by the dental hygienist.

6. Can I use BiCROS hearing aids with my smartphone?

Actually quite many BiCROS hearing aids can be connected to a smartphone, through Bluetooth making it easier to control and improve the hearing aid by allowing you to stream calls and music directly to the hearing aids.

7. What are BiCROS hearing aids, and how are they valued?

The price of BiCROS hearing aids may also differ depending on the type of the device and its extra accessories. When meeting with you, we will explain the various costs involved and the different ways you can continue to finance your hearing aids to make them more affordable for you.

8. What should I do if my BiCROS hearing aids stop working?

If you experience any issues with your hearing aids, contact our office immediately. We offer prompt repair services and can provide loaner devices if needed to ensure you are not without hearing support.