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Best Hearing Aids from Total Hearing Center

Total Hearing Center should be your top choice for progressing hearing aid technology and in Washington. Since 1963, we have been committed to helping thousands of patients with hearing troubles, pioneering custom hearing aids in Washington state. From our beginnings with simple body aids to the most recent advanced programmable hearing aids, our mission has continuously been to improve the hearing experience of our community.

About Us

We are committed to supporting people with hearing challenges since 1963. As pioneers in Washington state, we were the first one to make custom hearing aids, and we’ve remained pioneers within the field of hearing innovation ever since. Our story started with simple and body aids, and as innovation progressed, we grasped computerised programmable hearing aids to serve our patients in a better manner. Our mission is to enhance the hearing and lives of our community individuals through personalised hearing aids in Edmonds.

Cutting-Edge Hearing Aid Innovation

Directional Microphones

Directional microphones permit hearing gadgets to centre their attention on sounds coming from a particular direction whereas decreasing background commotion. This feature is pivotal for progressing speech understanding in noisy situations.

Feedback/Whistling Cancellation

Cutting edge hearing aids prepared with feedback cancellation technology can detect and eliminate feedback, avoiding irritating shrieking sounds and guaranteeing a clearer experience.

Open-fit Innovation

Conventional ear moulds can cause a “plugged up” sensation. Open-fit innovation, utilising earmolds or delicate arches, keeps the ear canal less obstructed, giving a more natural hearing encounter.

Programmed Alterations

As environmental conditions alter, progressed hearing aids naturally adjust to optimise hearing in different settings, such as wind or swarm commotion.

Customised Programming

Computerised innovation empowers your audiologist to program your hearing aids to meet your interesting hearing needs, guaranteeing ideal execution in each circumstance.

Noise Decrease

Sophisticated signal processing frameworks in cutting edge hearing aids can distinguish and decrease noise levels, enhancing listening experience in noisy situations.


The most recent hearing aids offer remote network and wireless connectivity, allowing you to connect consistently to your cell phone, TV, and landline phone. This highlight improves your hearing experience by integrating your hearing aids together with your technology.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid For You

A few components should be considered when selecting a suitable hearing aids innovation:

  • Degree of Hearing Loss- Diverse technologies are suited for changing levels of hearing loss.
  • Requirement for Adaptable Programming- Advanced technology offers more customizable programming choices.
  • Listening Situations- Consider your requirement for multiple tuning in programs and connectivity options.

Our experienced audiologists at Total Hearing Center will help explore these alternatives to discover the most excellent hearing aids innovation for your needs.

Why Select Total Hearing Center?

  • With over 60 years within the hearing aid industry, Total Hearing Center encompasses a wealthy history of helping patients accomplish way better hearing. Our broad involvement permits us to provide care and guidance, making us a trusted title within the community. Our group of audiologists and hearing pros are exceedingly prepared and learned, guaranteeing you receive the finest conceivable care.

We get that every individual’s hearing needs are one of a kind. That’s why we offer personalised hearing arrangements, including custom-built hearing aids planned to fit your particular hearing profile and way of life. Our custom fitted approach guarantees that you get the foremost comfortable and effective hearing help conceivable, improving your in general hearing involvement.

  • Total Hearing Center is devoted to remaining at the cutting edge of hearing help innovation. We ceaselessly overhaul our stock with the most recent progressions to supply you with the foremost compelling and imaginative arrangements accessible. From computerised programmable hearing aids to remote network choices, our progressed innovation helps you listen in a better way in each circumstance.
  • Our commitment to your hearing health doesn’t stop at giving hearing aids. We offer comprehensive care that incorporates thorough assessments to precisely analyse your hearing needs, exact fittings to guarantee your hearing aids are comfortable and effective, and continuous support to address any issues and optimise execution. 
  • Being a part of the community for over six decades, we take pride in our role as a neighbourhood supplier. We’re here to construct enduring connections with our patients. Our community-centred approach means we genuinely care about your hearing health.

Contact Us

Whenever you face any hearing challenges or are interested in getting the most recent hearing aid technologies and accessories, contact Total Hearing Center. Our devoted team is prepared to assist you discover the leading solutions to meet your hearing needs and improve your quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How regularly should I get my hearing aids checked?

It’s advised to have your hearing aids checked each six months. Normal check-ups ensure your gadgets are working appropriately and are functioning properly.

2. Can I rest with my hearing aids on?

It’s generally not advised to rest together with your hearing aids on. Taking them out at night helps in avoiding distress, battery waste, and potential harm to the gadgets.

3. How do I know that my hearing aid is working correctly?

If you notice distortion, decreased volume, or feedback, your hearing help might require alteration or repair. Normal check-ups together with your audiologist can help ensure your hearing help is working ideally.

4. What do I do in case my hearing aids get wet?

Quickly remove the battery and dry the hearing aid with a delicate cloth. Put the device in a drying kit or a container of raw rice to retain dampness. Don’t use heat sources.

5. How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Hearing aid battery life shifts depending on the type and utilisation but ordinarily endures between 3 to 10 days. Carry extra batteries with you and replace them as soon as you experience a low performance. 

6. Are there hearing aids that connect to smartphones?

Yes, numerous cutting edge hearing aids offer Bluetooth network, permitting you to stream audio directly from your smartphone, TV, or other gadgets. This improves your hearing experience and convenience.