Earwax Treatment

Understanding Earwax Buildup Treatment

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is formed by glands in the external auditory canal although they may also be produced by the ceruminous glands of the skin. It is very important as it acts as a barrier to dust, debris, and various microorganisms from penetrating into our ears. However, earwax may sometimes build up to difficulty to cause irritation, reduced hearing ability or even infections amongst other related issues. This is referred to as earwax build up or earwax blockage.


We are Total Hearing Center – let us be your partner in keeping your hearing at its finest and nearest to perfection. We are situated in Edmonds, Washington, and offer a full range of hearing care services to our clients, which include earwax removal services. You can trust our experienced staff for quality hearing health care with special additional focus on each patient.

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The members of staff at our facility are knowledgeable professionals who are proficient in audiology and hearing specialists with vast experience treating ear ailments.

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Apart from cleaning of the ears, we provide almost all the hearing related services that are inclusive of tests, hearing aid fittings among others.

Symptoms of Earwax Buildup

  • Hearing Loss: Temporary or permanent alteration in terms of clarity in sound and noise.
  • Earache: Dull, throbbing, stinging, smarting, or gnawing discomfort localized in the ear that may be present constantly or in episodes.
  • Fullness in the Ear: This involves the sensation of fullness or blockage.
  • Tinnitus: A ringing or buzzing noise in ears.
  • Vertigo: Dizziness or imbalance.
  • Itching: Skin irritation in the ear canal.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, there is a possible need for you to see a counselor.

Preventing Earwax Buildup

Although the earwax plays a vital role in promoting ear health, moderation is key. Here are some tips to prevent excessive buildup:

  • Avoid Cotton Swabs: Breathing in water, using cotton-tips that can pack wax in the ears, flushing ear wax with water, etc.
  • Regular Cleaning: Do not use any foreign object to clean the inner ear or put anything in the ear canal but gently wipe the outside of the ear with a damp cloth.
  • Use Ear Drops: Using an ordinary ear drop remedy will also be suitable since it will facilitate the coming out of the earwax on its own.
  • Schedule Regular Check-Ups: If you pay a visit to our center often, we will ensure that your ear health is checked and any issues addressed before they turn into a significant issue.

Our Earwax Buildup Treatment

Through detailed care, we offer comprehensive earwax removal services at Total Hearing Center to avoid complications. Our treatment process includes:

  1. Initial Consultation: Our audiologists will then ask you to hold a device called an otoscope to your ears for a closer look. This helps in establishing the quantity of ear wax present in readiness to remove the ear wax appropriately.
  2. Treatment Options: There are different approaches for the management of the hard deposits, based on the degree of the accumulation:
  • Microsuction: A technique that is mild and accurate in the removal of earwax through the use of the specialized equipment called vacuum cleaner.
  • Irrigation: Irrigation of the ear in which warm water is introduced into the ear canal to wash the wax.
  • Manual Removal: Employing intricate tools to physically remove earwax while observing the process through magnification.
  1. Post-Treatment Care: After cleaning we offer tips on how to avoid future accumulation after removal of the ear wax. These may be over-the-counter medicines like the drops that are used to treat ear infections or checkups every once in a while.

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Ear wax build up requires a professional touch and that is why at Total Hearing Center, we offer professional services to help with your problem. They should visit us today to make the appointment and begin the journey towards the right hearing health.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How frequent should one go to have his ears cleaned for earwax?

Ears should be checked at least once a year more frequently for those with impacted earwax. Nevertheless, if the user feels uncomfortable with the sound they hear or experiences any other related sign including hearing loss, they should see a professional earlier.

2. Is earwax removal painful?

Many of the techniques for removing earwax are not invasive, painful or cause discomfort. Although there is a slightly discomforting feeling during the procedure, we ensure that it is as convenient as possible with our audiologists.

3. Can people use the ear wax removal technique at home?

Even though it is now common to use various home remedies such as using ear drops, one should not try to put anything inside the ear. Professional removal is less risky and efficient as compared to a home-based method.

4. What causes earwax buildup?

There could be numerous reasons for wax build up, such as the shape of the ear canal, the condition of the ears that is producing the wax, Q-tip usage, and unsafe cleaning of the ears.

5. What is the duration of the procedure of removal of the expander?

The time taken to remove the proteins also differs depending on the procedure used and level of accumulation. Often, the process lasts about 15 to 30 minutes. Having a clear understanding of the time needed for the procedure is important.

6. Is earwax buildup common?

Yes, excessive wax is a problem for many people with various ages, including children. It can be prevented by proper hygiene of the ears and seeking professional ear cleaning every time.

7. What are the consequences that individuals face when they do not clean the earwax?

Failure to remove excessive earwax can result in hearing impairment, ear infection, development of tinnitus, and pain. It is essential to solve the problem without further delays in order to keep all the undesirable consequences apart.

8. What are the complications that may arise after the treatment for the earwax?

As in any surgery, most individuals who undergo the procedure do not get severe side effects. There can be inflammation for some weeks, redness and less severe itching but the severe side effects are unlikely.


9. Can hearing aids cause ear wax build ups?

It is true that employing hearing aids is useful in the formation of ear wax build up due to inhibition of expulsion of wax naturally. There are possible solutions to this problem, these being cleaning your hearing aids frequently and consulting an audiologist regarding the state of your ears.

10. What should I do if I suspect earwax buildup?

If you believe that hearing a beep sound frequently or any of the other signs of too much earwax, it is good that you make a visit to us for examination and treatment. Never try to use any apparatus to remove the earwax because this could lead to more serious complications.