In Office Services

In-Office Services

Face-to-Face Care

At Beltone, we believe in forming real relationships with our patients. Keep reading to learn about the in-person services you can access at a Beltone near you.

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Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Untreated hearing loss makes communicating with friends and loved ones difficult and can lead to isolation and other serious health risks.

If you’re experiencing hearing loss, don’t wait to seek treatment. Visit your local Beltone office for a free hearing assessment that measures your hearing loss and helps your hearing care professional determine if hearing aids are a good fit for you.

Follow-Up Adjustments

To help you smoothly adapt to your new hearing aids, your Beltone hearing care professional will institute a follow-up schedule based on your needs. This will ensure that your hearing aids are optimally adjusted for your hearing loss, and that your adjustment to amplified hearing is proceeding well.

Hearing Aid Cleanings

Beltone’s latest hearing aid models are weatherproof, sweatproof and designed to keep working no matter where you go. That said, regularly cleaning your hearing aids is always a good idea. As a Beltone customer, you can bring your hearing aids to us for free cleanings—and we’ll show you how to keep your equipment working like new at home.

A Lifetime of Care and Protection

For as long as you own your Beltone hearing aids, you’re eligible to receive care and support at any of our 1,500+ Hearing Care Centers.

Your Belcare benefits include:

Warranty claims and lost-stolen-damaged coverage
Two-year protection for changes in hearing loss
30-day refund policy

…and more. Your Belcare or Belcare+ benefits plan is just another way Beltone puts patients at the heart of hearing care.

Available with private pay purchases only. Hearing aids purchased through insurance and discount programs may come with pre-negotiated service plans. See your Beltone hearing care professional for more details.